In less than 3 years Access4Lofts have sold one third of all available territories in the UK (There are still around 100 territories available). The demand for the franchise has actually increased during the Covid pandemic with record numbers of enquiries.

People Need Extra Space at Home

“We are one of the fortunate few franchise opportunities that have not been adversely affected by the pandemic with our franchisees posting month on month growth. People are increasingly working from home and need the extra space our franchisees can provide” explained Lindsay Brown, Access4Lofts Director.

Territories Are Selling Fast

Astute potential franchisees can see that this is a terrific opportunity but as territories are selling fast we are unfortunately turning people away. If you are interested in a fast growing, successful franchise with proven turnover between £120k and £600k per annum and average operating profits of 34% then don’t risk missing out on your territory.

38% of Franchisees Now Own More Than 1 Territory

Over a third of Access4Lofts franchisees have expanded their businesses into multiple territories in order to grow their businesses further and take advantage of the demand (which has always been there, but even more so with people spending more time in their homes).

Territory Size

A single territory is more than enough for one van, and, when expanding into other territories the franchisee needs to employ staff and run additional vans in order to cover the additional area.

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