With recruitment and sales through the roof, Access4Lofts’ big move promises great things for their franchisees, their staff, and their customers.

Having outgrown their current premises in just two years, thanks to a booming home improvement market, the Plymouth based franchise has now more than doubled its space in this latest move. Its new offices are set to become the heart of their next phase of development with greater training facilities, more streamlined distribution services, and an expanded team.
With this latest exciting development, Access4Lofts is sending a very clear message to the world: we mean business, and we’re waiting for you to join us!

While the company only moved into its current premises two years ago, it has already outgrown them thanks to their recent rapid expansion. Having sold nearly half of its available territories already, Access4Lofts has blown through its early targets to become one of the fastest growing franchises in the UK. With nearly 40 franchisees joining them in the 3 and half years they have been open, it is clear that the Access4Lofts franchise is onto something special!

While their growth has exceeded everyone’s expectations, Access4Lofts’ franchise support team is resilient enough to handle this expansion sustainably and continue to provide the backing and guidance they have already become well known for. In fact, this latest move represents the company’s continuing commitment to unrivalled training and support, as well as the excellent customer care that has already helped them stand out from the competition.

As the franchise grows, so will the franchise team, guaranteeing that all their current and future partners can access support and advice whenever they need it. With a new Operations Director already on board, they are expecting another 24+ new franchisees in 2021 alone.

Amazingly, potential franchisees do not even need experience in loft work to enjoy all the benefits of joining Access4Lofts, as their new site also includes an improved training centre. Not only will new partners benefit from a new classroom in which to learn all the necessary skills for admin and operations managements, they will be able to get valuable hands-on experience too. With all the extra space now available, Access4Lofts’ new premises includes a huge training area complete with a realistic mock-up of a customer’s loft, available in a range of configurations, and a viewing platform so that new franchisees can understand the work ahead from every angle.

Alongside this impressive setup will also be a new, much larger, ladder distribution centre. This means that Access4Lofts can store more stock on site to streamline their supply services, and also allow them to secure lower prices to pass onto their franchisees.

With all this extra space, staff and equipment, Access4Lofts is one franchise that will never leave its partners success to chance!

Watch out for more exciting news from them soon, with big plans to take the brand global!

Access4Lofts are keen to speak to anyone interested in joining their highly-professional team, and to those interested in building their own successful business with an established brand behind them. Get in before the rush!

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