Access4Lofts has quickly become the biggest and fastest growing loft ladder franchise in the country. This year alone has seen 10 new franchisees join the business with 3 more booked onto the January training course. “An additional training course has been added into March to cope with the demand” explains Lindsay Brown, Co Owner who runs the training course from Access4Lofts’ training facility in Dudley.

Along with current franchisees making a huge success of their businesses we have franchisees from Stafford, Kettering and Glasgow North awaiting training. We also have several more potential franchisees currently going through the pre qualification process.

Lindsay explains that not everyone is accepted as an Access4Lofts Franchisee. “We carry out a very stringent process of questionnaires, interviews and discovery days in order to ensure the people joining the franchise are “Access4Lofts people” explains Lindsay. We need to protect the brand for existing franchisees and ensure the people joining us share our values of integrity and customer focus. To find out whether the Access4Lofts franchise is right for you, please visit