It’s always a compliment to have someone invest in our franchise because they have heard such great things about us, but to have one of our existing franchisees recommend us to his own father has to be one of the best compliments ever!

Paul had watched his son Josh become more and more successful with Access4Lofts (Josh owns the Blackpool territory and recently purchased the additional area of Liverpool North) and was inspired to look into the opportunity himself.

After attending a discovery day, where he worked alongside Josh to see if he would enjoy the installation side of the business, he was sold! “I absolutely loved it and I could totally see the potential in my home town of Peterborough but I was still nervous about taking the leap. I had lots of conversations with the Access4Lofts team and other franchisees and asked a million questions, but in the end I decided it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss” says Paul.

Once he paid his deposit to secure the Peterborough territory, the marketing team at Access4Lofts swung into action to promote his business ahead of his training week “I really wanted to finish my training week and then start doing a few quotes the week after. As it was, the response to the marketing was incredible, by the end of my training week I had over 30 quotes booked in” says Paul.

And things haven’t slowed down since he officially started either, so, 3 months into his new career, Paul has taken on a member of staff to help with the installation side of the business. “I find that thanks to the Access4Lofts admin system, I’m able to keep on top of my paperwork easily so I don’t need help with that side of things. However, to have someone working alongside me whilst doing the installations would be a great help “says Paul.

Lindsay Brown, Co-Owner of Access4Lofts had this say “Paul and Josh are our first father and son to join the Access4Lofts family . The fact that Josh recommended the opportunity to his dad speaks volumes about the support we give our franchisees. We’re also proud of the fact that Josh has himself invested in another franchise territory. Perhaps empire building runs in the family”.