We hosted a Summer event for our franchisees in July at the Moor Hall Hotel & Spa, Warwick. It was fantastic to get our franchise network together in one place. In addition to a sales training workshop and a valuable session on ‘growing your business’, franchisees also enjoyed a great opportunity for a Q&A session with our Technical Training Manager.

During the day, franchisees were presented with a number of ‘take homes’ such as ID cards (all franchisees are now DBS checked), new product brochures and card readers (to enable easy credit/debit card payments). We also had presentations from Atlas Mapping showing us how to get precise demographics from our territory locations and our social media consultant shared details of the bespoke social media strategy currently being developed for our franchise network. The team were then treated to a fantastic meal and overnight stay in the hotel.

“This was the first event of this kind that we’ve run for our franchisees and the response has been brilliant. It was a really ‘interactive’ day with franchisees sharing experiences with each other and it’s something we will be repeating on an annual basis’ said CEO Graham Ormesher.