Nothing makes us happier or prouder than celebrating the successes of our franchisees.

We’re very proud of Josh Norgate, owner of the Access4Lofts Blackpool franchise as Which? Trusted Traders announced he was their Trusted Trader of the Month for November 2019. This comes just a month after he was awarded their ‘Certificate of Distinction’

Josh took over the Access4Lofts Blackpool territory in March 2018. He worked for the Preston franchisee for 3 years before deciding to invest in his ownterritory. “I had seen the Preston franchise go from strength to strength and wanted a piece of the action” explained Josh. The Preston franchise had grown to over £300k turnover in 4 years with demand continuing to grow.

Josh said “I was concerned about running my own business as I didn’t know enough about the marketing, administration and accounting”. “I needn’t have worried because Access4Lofts set up my business for me and the systems we use for administration mean I can concentrate on the hands on work and making money”. “I can even send invoices and check my accounts from my mobile phone!!”

“I was never worried about the demand having worked for 3 years inthe business. I know that Access4Lofts have the advertising and sales side of things running very professionally as I have seen it in operation over the past few years.”

Josh has recently employed a member of staff to keep up with demand and has recently become the first Access4Lofts franchisee to run more than one area, after purchasing the nearby Liverpool North territory.

Well done Josh, keep up the great work!