Although once a rarity, now over a third of franchisees in the UK own more than one franchise territory. According to a BFA-Natwest survey in 2019, the percentage of franchisees managing multiple businesses rose from 30 percent in 2015, to 36 percent in 2019!

Most people that invest in a franchise opportunity do so with growth as their principal objective, but this approach is not for everyone and it takes a particular kind of franchisee to see the potential in owning multiple territories.

It was obvious from the very first meeting held with Jed that he was destined to climb the ladder of success within the Access4Lofts franchise and had his sights firmly set on running a multi-unit franchise operation.

In 2019, Jed purchased the Guildford, Crawley and Farnborough territories, followed by Reading in 2020 and more recently Brighton.

“You’ve got to be prepared to work hard and understand that to benefit from scale you’ll need to take a less hands-on approach and build a solid team. It took time to do however we now have a great team who keep the business running smoothly and importantly, continue to keep our clients happy,” said Jed.

With six vehicles on the road, bigger premises from which to operate and a fantastic team, it is safe to say that the team are climbing the ladder of success. Congratulations!