Even if you have decades of experience behind you, starting a new business is never easy. During uncertain times, you need to give yourself the best possible chance of success…which is where the Access4Lofts franchise comes in!

Simon joins us after retiring from 31 years serving in the police force. While many of our franchisees have little or no experience in the trade before joining us, Simon actually worked in loft insulation before joining the police, so the Access4Lofts franchise was an opportunity not only for him to enjoy a new business where he was his own boss, but also dust off all the skills he had learnt as a young man.

“I was looking at franchises as a way to open a business, and when I saw Access4Lofts it just popped – it stood out for me way and above anything else I was looking at.” Simon told us. “Once I had a conversation with them, I could see how professional they were and knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

The Access4Lofts franchise can offer dedicated, hard-working people like Simon a complete turnkey package with a proven business format, as well as all the initial and ongoing support they need to succeed. Access4Lofts also offers customers the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing who to carry out work in their homes: a trusted, friendly, local face who they can count on to deliver a fantastic service, and all the expertise and experience that comes from a large national brand.

Even during a time when many people are watching what they spend, Simon is finding there is still plenty of demand for making loft spaces more useful and accessible. Having proper access to your loft also means you can more easily install and maintain good insulation, which is a huge deal right now with rising energy costs.

“What I’m finding is that everyone is complaining that they’ve not got enough storage, and that their having to find alternatives such as storage centres. My local depot is absolutely rammed with people every time I pass it, and they’re not cheap. People are paying high rents for units when they’ve got space in their house just waiting to be used. I’ve been working for customers who want better storage in both their lofts and their garages, and I’m selling a lot of insulation too.”

Simon quickly discovered that his own natural flair with people combined with the top-quality service he could offer as an Access4Lofts franchise was a real recipe for success. While our marketing team always helps new franchisees with pre-qualified leads to get them started, Simon has found that word-of-mouth has been his most valuable asset.

“Working on one house I ended being asked to do work for three of their neighbours, too! Once people know I’m there and available, there is plenty of work out there. I had my first job in under a week of opening, and while I was there I popped a leaflet through their neighbours door – I’m doing her house next week! I’m already fully booked up until Christmas and taking bookings for January, and it’s only the start of October.”

Simon is definitely one of our most successful new franchisees, but all of our partners are finding that the Access4Lofts franchise is by far the most secure and stable way to start a business in this very lucrative industry. Our franchisees enjoy a stunning 75% average conversion rate on all their leads, and can reasonably expect to see a return on their investment in less than a year. An opportunity which is not to be sniffed at even when the rest of the economy is doing well, never mind during these uncertain times.

Simon is so confident and happy with how his new business is going, he is already thinking about taking on some extra staff, and even a second territory!

“There is competition out there, but my business is really flying. It’s all about going the extra mile for your customers, and Access4Lofts helps you do exactly that.”

Interested in learning how you could find success with an Access4Lofts franchise? Contact us today for more information.