Sorry, you’ve already missed out for 2023…here’s how to make 2024 your year

Training spaces for new Access4Lofts franchisees fill up fast, and we’re already looking at another full batch of new business owners for training in October. The next training session isn’t until January 2024, and we already have a couple of bookings for that.


While 2023 has slipped away from us already in terms of getting you started with Access4Lofts, 2024 is really not as far away as you think, especially when you consider everything that goes into launching you as an Access4Lofts franchisee.


Here is a short video I put together which helps explain the timeline involved, and why it certainly isn’t too early to start getting the ball rolling:


The bottom line is that if you want to launch your new business in early 2024, you really need to start the process in the next couple of weeks! Otherwise, you are probably talking about at least spring before anything can happen.


The other thing to remember is that for every training slot booked for October and January, that’s one less territory available. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the area you’re interested in will already be taken.


So, I strongly recommend you don’t hang about!

Building a better tomorrow starts with what you do today

If you still need a bit more time to think about this, I completely understand, but if you’re seriously considering an Access4Lofts franchise, please don’t leave it too long. Don’t wait to make it part of your New Year’s resolution, because half the year might be gone before you get your chance!

To start the process, all you need to do is schedule a call with me using the button at the bottom of this email. I can let you know if your territory is still available and secure your place on the January training.


You are also very welcome to get in touch if you just want some more information, or to ask me any questions you have about the Access4Lofts franchise.


I look forward to talking to you and, maybe, welcoming you to the team in 2024?

You can schedule a call with me using the button below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With kindest wishes,

Steve Felmingham

Franchise Consultant