What’s it really like owning an Access4Lofts franchise?

It’s well worth taking your time to learn about what makes Access4Lofts different, and what has made it such a successful franchise. You can pick up a lot of that from their great website, of course, but you may still wonder what day-to-day life actually looks like for an Access4Lofts franchisee. 

We’ve got you covered on that, too. Here are two great videos which follow Paul from Peterborough & Lincoln on a fairly typical day, visiting a young family, assessing their needs, and giving them a quote on the work that needs doing:


You’ll learn about how Paul plans his day, works with customers, and hear some of the reasons why he joined the franchise. There’s two parts to this video, and make sure you watch the second one, too, as it is particular interesting to see just how quickly and easily Paul can put a quote together using the Access4Lofts systems, and what a big difference it makes to getting new business. 
It’s one of the reasons why Access4Lofts franchisees enjoy a stunning 75% conversion rate on all their enquiries!


What an Access4Lofts franchisee does, and what he doesn’t do

As you will have gathered, the main business of an Access4Lofts franchisee is installing loft ladders and hatches, but what they definitely don’t do is loft conversions.

Sure, an Access4Lofts franchisee may well be  asked to get involved in a loft conversion project at some point, but for several very good reasons they will always decline. The vast majority of their work is helping families just like the one in this video. This kind of work gives franchisees several important advantages; the jobs are quick, simple, easily done by one person in one day and no outside contractors needed!

Not forgetting it is also much more affordable for the average customer, with costs for a loft access job averaging about £1200 compared to £10k to £20k for a loft conversion. Which means, of course, that you can enjoy a much larger potential customer base than just those who can afford large projects.

On top of that, you can also keep your business lean and agile. No need for expensive extra equipment or supplies, just what you can carry in your van every day, and every job can easily be carried by just you – or a single employee as you expand.

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