What’s your biggest concern when it comes to starting a new business?

Starting a new business is a big undertaking, even if you are doing it with the backing of a proven business model like the one a franchise like Access4Lofts can offer you. Not only are you making a major change in your life, you’re investing a lot of your hard earned money into it.

One of the biggest questions I hear is: how quickly can I start getting work and making some money?

Leaving your old career behind and having a shiny new business is all very well, but it’s got to be earning you a living pretty fast, too, right?

Well, the good news is:

Access4Lofts sets you up for success from day one

Your training with Access4Lofts includes teaching you everything you need to know about installing their products at their specialist training centre (mock-up lofts, included!), but you’ll also be able to drive away your new, branded van at the end of it. Inside, you’ll find it packed to the roof with everything you need to get started – tools, stationery & uniforms, operation & installation manuals and a range of marketing materials…you name it!

Perhaps most importantly of all, however, you’re business is already starting to grow before you even set foot in the training centre. Access4Lofts’ dedicated marketing team actually start generating customers for you before you even open, so you can get the head start you need.

New franchisees typically leave on a Friday with at least 5 or 6 leads to follow-up on their very first Monday morning. Most have their first paid job within a week of opening and, once word spreads, it’s not long before that first trickle turns into a torrent!

“That’s one of the most impressive things about the Access4Lofts franchise: you actually walk out already working! You’ve got all the tools to do the job. It’s not a case of just buying a name for your business, you’re buying a whole process and package that is ready to go. The only thing that’s not included is buying your van. Absolutely everything else is covered!” – Kevin, Access4Lofts Wimbledon

It’s all about helping you to hit the ground running in your new business as soon as possible!

Sound good? Then let’s talk…

Finding out more about how an Access4Lofts franchise could work for you could not be easier. First of all, there’s nearly a dozen videos on their website which explain almost every single aspect of how your new business might work. Check them out here: Access4Lofts videos

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Steve Felmingham

Franchise Consultant